Wanting to Taste Her

Nothing to me is better than the taste of a woman. Her body. Her skin. Her juices. I mean for me the taste is beyond anything that I can describe. It’s an orgasmic sensation absent an actual orgasm.
So, I am in this group for polyamorous people and every Sunday posts of a more risqué nature are allowed. Now, there are plenty of beautiful women in this group, however, one in particular always gets my palate craving a small taste of her.
The picture she posted was simple. Only her laying back on a bed with her legs open wearing a small shirt and workout shorts. The fabric seemed to hug her vagina area to the point that I could see the crease of her folds slightly.

Mouth watered instantly. It was so sensual and seductive in it’s simplicity that I was really awed. But, this is a group where landmines a laying about ready for the someone unaware (or maybe should be aware in some cases) to step on. Plus, she has someone and I am still not as yet fully familiar with the terms of the poly way of life. So I opt to go with a simple meme.

In my head though. Is a series of thoughts about connecting tongue to the area between those folds and tasting the juices that would flow henceforth. A variety of licks in formations and patterns and speeds to capture the perfect sensation to generate the most enjoyment. Even with that though, I admit to being slightly intimidated. My recently exed girlfriend of 3 years was vanilla as hell and we didn’t try much. So, I guess i’m an almost, semi-born again virgin. I’m joking.

But I do love to eat pussy though. And now i’m pussyless! Ha. That’s another story.

I could be much more detailed but i’m sure by now my meaning is clear. Like as not it will never happen and that is ok. That’s fine, I mean, I don’t even live in her state, although I had planned a trip to the area a few times but have never taken it.
But, guess i’ll keep on thinking and mouth watering.




She came to me in moonlight, out of nowhere she appeared

As I sat alone on the patio, astonished but was allured immediately as she neared

She walked towards me, slowly, temptingly and I feared

That my dumstruck face showed every thought that I held

Her perfume hit my nose and instantly I was spelled.

177111343Slayed without sword or violent action, just trapped in her gaze

She was short, her legs in stockings and small slippered feet competed with the blaze

In her eyes, they held me delving into my mind

She locked me in and I stared without a bit of shame to find.

Her eyes alight with the fire she knows she possesses

Generating thoughts so real I actually felt her caresses.

These thoughts tap my mind and images of body parts protected by only panties and dresses

Bombard me and cause blood to rush from the sensual excesses.

The wanting will torture me; I’ll feel the desire for her even to the bone

And her voice, shit, sends ecstasy, even through the phone

And when alone, her thoughts meld with mine until I touch myself and moan

She’ll talk to my ear, knowing she’s breaking me, just going on and on

She touches me with invisible hands, but in reality, it’s my own.

Stroking myself slowly to the mental images and surprised at how hard I’ve grown.

I breathe in air as though savoring her exhales for the oxygen that I need

Running my fingers over the head of my dick, precum emerging, but I’m not paying heed

I’m caressing myself in rhythm to the imagined mouth sucking eagerly for my seed

She has me in her arms, the visions of her and I intertwined

Her legs around my waist, she bites my nipples, the pain makes the pleasure refined

And her p*ssy’s like a vacuum, unrelentingly sucking me of all myFright-NIght-2 juices and my sanity combined

I’m stroking to these visions she’s sending directly to my mind’s eye. She hears my guttural sounds and only seeks all that I have

She coaxes me to climax just by her f*cking tone and cutting the last of my self-control in half

My fluid fires from the cannon landing in the center of my own chest

Convulsions hit me repeatedly, finally exhausted and want to rest

But she enjoys her torture too much and she’s one of the best

She listens to me breathing deeply, out of air, and it drives her wild

It’s the knowledge of her power over me and the skill she’s compiled


She mentions the wetness of her fingers in a voice that couldn’t care

That I’ve spewed like a volcano, my hot lava still on my chest and pubic hair

She tells me she wants more and says that she’ll be over there

Moaning between words and even through the phone her words moves the air

This mental seduction, this internal tormenting, claims my being. Damn she’s good

Her sexuality a potion I’d battle the forces of Hell to drink if I could

There’s a knock at the door, I open and she enters with a smile knowing I belong to her now

When I hear my name on her lips, I’ll be there no matter where or how

She pushes in wearing nothing but a coat but arresting me anyway

Detaining my eyes on her damp skin as she unwraps herself with torturous delay

Making me watch as her hips sway to the music of sex and stops everything I would say

She exposes her chocolate body to my famished sight

My heart is pumping, I’m hypnotized by the silhouette of her body in the moonlight

My lips envelop hers, our tongues meet and wrestle for control

Her softness in my arms, melds to my skin, sending volts of electricity down to my pole


The current she has shocks my system and I’m finally lead

Down her body by the slight pressure of her hand on my head

Not a part is bypassed on the highway to the receptor of all this sensation

And when she raises her leg, I see the wetness running freely, she so wants this relation

The invitation is silently spoken as my tongue eclipses the knob that adds to her elation

Then her vagina literally swells in my mouth and I drink her libation

She gyrates to the vibration that rises up her vertebra to her brain sending pleasure through her body in waves

She rocks on my mouth, fucking my tongue, as her body raves

She grips my ears, holding me to her, she locks me there

She’s leaking down my chin, orgasming, and I keep licking her area absent of hair

Without a moment to spare, she raises me up and drops to her knees

She drops my clothes and smiles at seeing how eager I am to please

Smiling so seductively and enjoying how much I am affected

I’m throbbing hard, pulsating, dying to be pumped and fluid ejected


She laughs at the fact that then draws me into her mouth inch by inch

Coating me with her saliva as she pulls back and licks the head, causing me to flinch

Then she sucks me like the vampire that she must be

Siphoning from my genitals hard, wanting me at her mercy, but taking me in slowly

She caresses my baggage, coaxing them for more. Yes, she’s definitely a vampire

She raises and lies back on the sofa, her legs open, inviting me to enter her fire

Her eyes alight with daring temptation, almost glowing, and she makes me promise not to tire

And as spellbound as I am, I enter her folds, melting inside her, she raises her legs even higher

Her ankles are on my shoulders, my hands holding her thighs,

And in spite of her moans and sighs that seductive glare never leaves her eyes

Unflinching, she stares directly at me as my last tendril of control begins to slip and restraint nearly dies

She pulls me close, nips my neck and breathes in first

I feel her bite and suck at my throat, quenching her thirst

Now she’s cumming repeatedly, moving her body as fluid as a snake, undulating and I call out her name

And I thrust her in unbelievable pleasure, preparing to erupt again and she keeps doing the same

She contracts on my shaft and claws my skin

Moments and images collide and she holds me in

Her legs wrapped tightly around my waist and her convulsing won’t end


She turns over, her hips move in rhythm to an unheard beat

She’s got me pumping her from behind, sweat dropping down my body from the heat

She grips me inside of her, she’s fucking driving me over the edge

She’s moaning louder, I’m nearing the end of the road, about to fall off the ledge

Into her oblivion I drop and the explosion is near at hand

Her pussy contracts again and again, then I feel the blast from my gland

She rolls her hips on my penis, pumping it for all that it has

She’s convulses again even though I’m far out of gas

Moments past and my defeat is complete

She fought a battle like an experienced warrior and has me kneeling at her feet

I lay back on the floor, she covers me, but that gleam in her eyes says this won’t end

I see her lick her fangs and smile…then she bites me again.”

And mercilessly, soon phase 3 will begin


She licks the blood on my neck, lapping lazily at where she bit

I wince a little, but soon gain a pleasure from it

She’ll use me all night, but before morning she’ll be gone

Leaving me where I lay as she disappears before dawn.



Urban Werewolf: A Poem of Horror


The windows of the room creaked from the strain of the wind.

The curtains moved silently from the breeze as I sat..waiting

Waiting for the moment…that I knew was imment

The feeling that comes, the fear…but worse…the anticipating.

I know that I can’t control it…it is the element which drives me+

It takes over my being, giving me strength and power

I lust for it…I feel it within, but I know not how to let it go

I love the change…from weakling to beast…from me everyone will cower

My hands begin to tremble.

The tingling is creeping up my spine

My hair begins to grow rapidly

My moans change to a low, pitiful whine.

My face begins to contort…elongating…my forehead sloping

My hands extend, nails growing longer

My size increasing…I stand…oh the agony

The pain is worth it…after it ends I’m so much stronger

My teeth also grow becoming long fangs to tear flesh

Growing long and sharp in my lengthening jaws

My ears become pointed, my hair grows on my face and body

My eyes sharpen, the sense of smell improved. Look at my claws!

My body is more solid, packed with muscles and sinew

My legs and feet take on the shape of a dog

I’m standing near 7ft, nude, covered with fur

I release a howl to the moon outside…and leap through the window..into the fog

I run…I run…I’m running so fast, my eyes now that of a wolf

I see everything so much sooner than before, I smell everything in the air

I hear the minute sounds that I would have ignored when I was a man

My breath can be seen in the coolness, which is no concern with my skin covered in hair

A lone jogger…yes…I smell his scent.

The sweat of his body, his hair, breath, even his lunch…his last meal.

I creep through the trees…shielded by shadows and watch him come closer

So, easy…so unsuspecting…this…man..this flesh, this life that I want to steal.

Silent as wind I creep closer…then leap out…he didn’t see me until too late

The terror in his eyes as my claws tore out his throat was sweet

The life flowed from him as I pulled him back into the woods

Leaving a blood trail to where I will consume his meat.

Never could I dream of this in my human form

Never could I enjoy the kill so much if I were a man

I savored his fear, his adrenaline in his blood knowing that I

Did so…because now I can.

Sated…I leave the carcass and run…enjoying the freedom of the air

Leaping off trees and running across roofs in a flash

A dog barks…I stop him brutally

With a swipe that left upon his flanks a wide gash.

I come across 2 more people…walking casually

Talking without a care in the world, never know the monster that was near

I drool at the idea of a chase…I leap out and stand up to my full height

They quaked in terror, screaming as I roared, loving their fear.

They ran…and I toyed with them…I circled and jumped

Chased, and tripped..allowing them to get back up…oh..their painful cries

I caught the male and picked him up by this throat.

I knew this person as a man I thought as I stared into his eyes

An asshole I knew always carried gun, but still so terrified that he’d messed himself.

I should take time with this one…he reached for his gun far too late

I should rip his entrails from his body and make him watch

Make him which me play in his blood. He’ll want it to end…I’d make him wait.

His death was torturous…but I didn’t take too long.

I caught the female moments later…she’d been running on the leg that I’d bitten

I look at her…knowing blood dripped from my fangs

I could kill her…I should…but for some reason…I didn’t.

I left her…she’d likely be infected with my curse…or blessing as I look upon it.

She’ll be confused and need a teacher and I’ll be there

She’ll love me…two monsters together…forever

And we’ll run together and fuck with our bodies covered in wolf’s hair.

The night was ending…I made it back to my house without a problem

Tired from the night, but full from the meals I’d gorged on. Oh…it must be a sin

I lay upon the floor to sleep…I’d change back before morning

I’d return to being merely a man, back in my weak body and skin.

I awaken to the sun…I shower to wash the night off me.

I can see my black skin again…the normal amount of human hair back on my body now

I turn on the tv and see the news of what I’d done.

And they have no idea, who or how.

The Jesus Idea

JesusThumbsUp You hear it time and time again. “For god so loved the world he gave his only son.” Especially nearing the end of the year when things get more Christianfied…oh and Easter when they mix in the Christianity with rabbits and colored chicken eggs. Unless there are mutant rabbits that lay pastel eggs…hmm…

Anyway, so you hear this all the time, you see it on billboards and on church signs. The thing of it is, and why it just isn’t pointed out, is it’s stupid. Here’s where I’m going with this. You have a god, a being of such infinitesimal power that he said…”Shit, let me create immortal beings to be my lackeys.” And, presto…made angels. One of which had an attitude problem, but that is neither here nor there. That wasn’t enough. So, he created an entire planet, in a universe. He made an Earth, he made light, he made days…then he made the sun…hold up. Nevermind. He created oceans, land, animals, plants, insects and one dude. Just one. Gave him reproductive organs and nipples and everything.

Later, he would decide that the dude needed a woman. Unlike with him, in which he made this chap out of sand, he yanked out a rib…made a woman. I know what you’re thinking. That’s awesome, right? No anesthesia or nothing just…rib…woman. That simple.

These 2 humans would go on to populate the earth through an exhaustive era of inbreeding and incest. This happens again after the Flood with Noah’s family. I’m not trying to analyze all that now, but I will later. The point I’m making is that god on a whim created what he wanted, when he wanted. Angels and all. So, why then, is it a big deal that he produced this one guy with someone else’s woman who later would be voluntarily executed?


Do you see what I mean here? You have the power to create life at a moment of fancy, every being you produce is either important to you or not. If they are, then no one being is more important than the other, if not, then no one being is as important as the other. Jesus is just another of god’s spawn, created in a different way, but still created by god.  Even if you allow that he is the only being god made with a human (didn’t he get seriously pissed at his angels for doing this before? Remember the giants?), it still does not mean that he cannot do it again. God is not impotent and even if he were, he is a god and fully capable of healing himself. He could produce more if he chose to, though why he didn’t we don’t know. I guess he felt that one torturous death at the hands of a pissed off mob of humans, which are the very people the death is meant to save was enough.

But here’s what really grinds my gears: Jesus’ “sacrafice”…not….is pointless. Look. As the creator of your own world YOU make the rules. When the designers of games such as GTA make their open worlds, they are the architects of those worlds. You can get away with being people to death because in that world, they decided it was okay and we are thankful for it.  If they decide something isn’t working they have plenty of chances to change it. Applications receive updates all the times to fix glitches and errors or just to update appearance.

As a god, you have the power to make the rules you feel serve the world you created in the best way you see fit. Now, maybe creating a being, who may or may not be you, purely for the purpose of living just over 30+ years and being executed is necessary, but are we really supposed to revere this? One, he could have changed any aspect of human development at any moment. He did so when he nuked Sodom and Gomorrah and then the Flood, so why now is it even necessary to have a death at the hands of your own creations and now this washes away whatever errors they have committed. Did this stop people from sinning? No. They kept on doing it. Two, HE DIDN’T STAY DEAD.  Wolverine taking a bullet for you doesn’t mean a damn thing, because the sumbitch heals immediately.  Same thing here, coming back meant there was no sacrifice, dare I say, he upgraded.

Life continued to be a human experiment of power, greed, corruption, and what happens when some people get too much of all those. Wars, witch hunts, you name it, it has happened. Jesus’ “sacrifice” or lack thereof would have made more sense of it changed or ended these human impulses. Someone is going to point out freewill. I’d like to nip that by saying you don’t have free will when another man is using his free will to kill you and/or your people.

The idea of Jesus is a testiment to how easy it is to get people to follow an idea just because someone said it thousands of years ago. Someone believed it eons ago, wrote it in a book, said you should believe it, someone said you should believe this and years and years later, you have a belief so firmly rooted that it’s not so much as questioned. It’s even scorned upon to question it. To think about it with a furrowed brow as to how this makes any sense is a wrong. Luckily, I am too inquisitive to worry about the consequences of inquiring. Maybe, i’m hard headed. *Shrugs*

Travis the 13th Apostle

crossTravis: The 13th Apostle
Travis sat with the group listening to the conversations. Random conversations that Travis normally avoided, but today was supposed to be THE day. Jesus had already talked to him about it, alone. No one else knew what the plan was. The thought worried Travis, who only started following the man after he was kicked out of Perry’s Pagan Posse, a rogue gang of thugs bent on thievery.

So, Travis watched Jesus sitting regally in the center of the table. Travis snorted. Jesus was always looking good. Hair well groomed, flowing down to his shoulders in golden brown tresses. Beard framing his face and lips, but also well-groomed and slightly tanned skin. Looking different from everybody else born in the entire area, Jesus was a marvel, and if he told the story, there was a reason. God was his father, so he said and it was this guy that kept Travis fed, so it was better not to disagree with that. Yet, he did like Jesus. He was funny and treated him like a little brother, often confiding in him a bit more than he did with the other apostles. Thus, this was why Travis felt obligated to talk him out of this plan of his…or his father’s.
Finally, he saw a break in conversation and decided that it would be good to get this on over with. Jesus will most certainly be annoyed and Travis knew Jesus could have a temper if he wanted after watching him go apeshit once, flipping tables and everything. Jesus got up from the table graciously, after telling them what them how they should eat of his body or something and was walking away with Mary. Travis excused himself, and ran over to catch up with him.

“Jesus! We have to talk, man.”

Jesus halted his stride and turned to him and smiled. Mary, sighed impatiently. “What is it, Travis, though I think I know what you want to say.”
“Yeah, ahh…might we talk about it…alone?” Travis glanced at Mary, who sneered before walking off down the hallway. Travis despised her.

“Ok…what?” Jesus said simply after Mary was out of earshot. The façade was down.
“Look…I know we discussed this plan of yours before, but I really think it’s a bad plan. I mean…really.”
Jesus sighed. “My father said that this was the way to do it. I listen to my father. You know my father right? God…creator of the world?”
Travis swallowed. “You do know that crucifixion really hurts, right? I’ve seen it happen. These guys are going to really screw you up.”
“Pfft…I’m the son of god, remember? You know I just said that, right? I’ll be fine, they can’t hurt me. Did I ever tell you about my days of youth? I was an actor, you know.” Jesus said a smile.
“You don’t have to pretend with me. You’re scared, right? These guys are gonna kick your ass!”
“That is part of the plan.”
“Getting your ass kicked should never be a part of a plan, Jesus. Is your father insane?!”

Jesus fixed Travis with a stern eye. “You watch how you talk about my father, Travis. He is God!”
Travis paused searching for a different way to get his point across. “Then, can’t he come up with a plan that does not involve you getting the shit stomped out of you?” Jesus glared at him. “Look, can I be frank with you?”
Jesus smiled. “Sure, Travis.”
Why is he smiling? “Look man, I have to be honest with you. I find it odd that the only way this plan is supposed to work is for you to be beaten and tortured to death. Your father is god. I saw you cast demons into pigs. Is there no other way to do this? I mean, you could take over the world and people would worship you.”
“You NEVER question my father, Travis. I’ve told you this before.” Jesus said…while smiling. “He made the plan. This is a part of the plan. It’s the plan. Plan. My father’s plan!”
“But, Jesus, man, come on! You’re going to die!”
Jesus’ smile broadened. “Well, only for three days.”

Travis hadn’t heard this part. “Three days? What do you mean?”
“Well, and you better not talk about this, after I die on the cross…this is after I say something really heartfelt and dramatic…” Jesus paused to build suspence. “I will rise in three days! Pow!”
Travis’ mouth dropped. “So, wait…are you going to die and come back or will you sort of pass out or what?”

“The first one, amigo!”

Travis pondered this with  lips pursed. “But these people are going to believe that you made the ultimate sacrifice for their sins, but if you die and come back you actually haven’t sacrificed a thing! In fact, you know what’s going to happen. Isn’t that more manipulation than anything?”

“I still died, man.” With a chuckle no less.

“But you come back.”

“I KNOW! Ha haaa!”

“Well, it seems…I think…I don’t have anything to say…” Travis said with an exasperated sigh.

Jesus placed his hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry, bro. It’s going to be fine.” And as if on cue….here comes Mary. She gave Travis another sneer. And they walked off.

Later, as Travis watched Jesus carry the cross up a hill, bloodied and battered, with the crown of thorns on his head. He couldn’t help but feel horror at what had happened to his friend. Even after Jesus winked and flashed him a smile, then dropped back into character and pretended to be in pain hauling the cross up to the hill that would be his final stop.

Travis watched the crucifixion. He watched Jesus hang up there, beside two guys. He heard the, “Why have you forsaken me?” and even saw Jesus finally “die.” He went home and tried to come to terms with what he knew and what he saw.

Three days later…guess who shows up at Travis’ house. If he hadn’t been expecting it to happen, he might have been surprised, but as Jesus was fond of his own renown at this time, Travis expected nothing less than a grand flourish. And he was not disappointed.
“BAM! Told you I’d be back!” Jesus said triumphantly from behind Travis, startling him.

“So, how was it?”
“The cruxifiction? Piece of cake,” Jesus smiled, “I told you not to worry.”
“So now what?”
Jesus was marveling at this hands which no longer had holes through them, smiling to himself…as he often does. “Being immortal is so cool, man. What do you mean, ‘what now?’”

Travis spread his hands. “What happens now? I mean, you did all of this for a reason, right?”

“Oh, ok. Yeah. Pop is handling all of that. But, I got those people to eat crackers symbolizing my skin and wine symbolizing my blood. Can you believe that? Creepy, huh? Jesus chuckled. “Got that from a ritual I saw once. I’d tell you about it, but I’m not supposed to talk about what happened with me during that period between…like 12 or something and 30…so..you know how that goes.”

Travis’ brow furrowed in confusion. “Umm, no I don’t know how it goes. You’re the son of a god—“

“—THE God!”
“Yeah…how do you just skip a good chunk of your life like that, man? In fact, with all the excitement following your birth, I’m surprised that you’re early childhood was so uneventful.” Travis said.

Jesus’ smile dimmed just slightly. “The fuck you trying to say?”
“Umm…Nothing.” Travis said hastily. “I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on.”

Like a switch…the light returned. “Well, I’m sure there will be a LOT of changes now, man. People will change…the whole world will change! It’s smooth sailing now! All I need is for people to spread the word and then write a long book. I mean…LONG! Taking like over a millennia to finish and whatnot. Someone is going to write about my “death”. He did the air quotes himself. “Maybe…a few decades from now.”
“You know, we could have written all of this down for you as it was happening.”

Jesus looked at Travis. “Why didn’t you say that before?”
“I did, you always said we’d do it later.” Travis said.

“Hm…anyway, I can just imagine it. Yup.”

“Think anyone will go to war or kill or be killed over this?”

Jesus thought a moment. “Naaa…pfft. Never!”

Bible Musings Part 1

Bible Musings Part 1

         So, I recently had the opportunity to speak with a friend concerning The Flood. You know that famous episode of genocide that is said to have been warranted because humans were just that bad. My friend, who is a Christian, insisted that this was necessary. The Earth had reached a point where God could not take it anymore. There was too much violence and other general human mischief afoot and God, pretty much said, “Enough of this shit.”

Now, the caveat I had an issue with, aside from the whole damn idea to begin with, is that no one seems to find it wrong that…innocents died as well. They casually assume the idea that only the baddies perished, whilst Noah and fam (whom he’ll later incest the shit out of, because…let’s be real…one family isn’t enough to jumpstart the world population again) sat comfortably on a boat which may have had trans-dimensional storage to house the millions of animals, food, dung, and humans aboard and watched people drown.  They don’t think for one moment…that there had to be some children, infants even, that died as well.

It took Noah a century to build the ark, alone…because during that time period, no one else was born that could have helped him with that. During that entire century, human beings continued their shenanigans and such, which had to have included sex and evidentially reproduction. The bible makes no mention of God ceasing all human reproduction during this time and no one seemed to notice that a giant boat was being built somewhere nearby, nor thought it odd that random pairs of animals were making a pilgrimage to said boat to be housed on board. I guess that it was not a big deal or something, yet at the time that the rains started to fall and kept falling, there had to have been innocent children on this earth. As I said, the bible doesn’t say that God ended human reproduction 50 years before this so that only evil adults died in this cataclysm.

So, we have to assume that floating amid a sea of debris, among the dead bodies of rapists, robbers, liars, card cheaters, and murders, are the carcasses of dead infants, toddlers, and adolescents. I guess that they couldn’t be saved. I mean, you can’t fit 6 humans and millions of animals into a boat if you have a slew of brats taking up the space, can you. 

I guess though, because it isn’t mentioned, it is never even considered. Now, after the Flood…here’s another thing…would you really feel thankful to be alive upon a waterlogged land surrounded by the bloated, decaying bodies of all those humans, animals, and marine life that died? Imagine the smell. There are no maggots or vultures to help with the decomposition of these bodies, there’s only the sun and the bacteria that is doing its best all by its lonesome to process these corpses. Still, that’s a lot of bodies, with a lot of skeletons, that disappeared magically because we have never found bodies all over the world in places they shouldn’t be, do to drifting from all about the Earth and coming to rest wherever when the water…went…somewhere.

Ok…well…after this discussion, I said that I think it was just a myth. There was a major flood in the area and true to form, people added their religious superstitions into it, embellished, and time did the rest. Not to mention religious leaders who say a message to be made. He disagreed with me. Saying that it was true and God said that would never happen again. How does he know? The rainbow…the perfect way to apologize for mass genocide of the creations he created. If that shit is true…which…come oonnnn!

Allegory of the Enemy

Thought i’d switch gears again and give up something a little different. Enjoy

The shadow figures stare at me from across a darkened space

They’re heads covered, everything is concealed, even their face.

Fear takes me; I turn and start to walk quickly in the direction opposite them

I hear their footfalls start and quicken and it doesn’t help that the moonlight is dim

The darkened path I’m walking leads off into an even more hidden area before me

Nevertheless, my pursuers begin to give chase, I have to run! I have to escape even if I can’t see.

I run fast, pounding my legs hard as I can, moving through an uncertain path

They’re behind me, they’re taunting me…I hear them begin to laugh

The mock my fear and each has something to say, something spoken personal about myself

The first voice I hear says, “You have life, but are not living, when are you gonna accomplish anything yourself?”

The disbelief hits me and the thoughts permeate, making giving me a pang of shame

Awashed in a grim realization that there is a legacy to create, to do less would leave me the only person to blame

Another voice speaks, raspy as the first, but with more sinister intent

“You are too kind to them, ur poems merely theater, these ladies care nothing of your lament.”

Is that true? Calls not returned, days in silence, where once there were hours of convo

Poems meant as explanation of internal desires, eventually fade from relevance and a return to limbo

As this strikes my mind, I stumble, and almost fall, they grab my shirt and I break loose.

One more voice speaks to me, soothingly, “Your life is not your own, you’re afraid to choose.”

I trip again and fall; the last thought is the fear of left when right brings an equal question

Of why I did not right when it may have been easier to go in the opposite direction

I lay back, they draw near, I fight to stand…to run…to get away again

I’m knocked down, I fight more, but to no avail and the shadowy figures win

Another voice speaks over the confusion, the voice is deeper and slow

“You cheapen yourself by not standing stronger. You are the one who needs to grow.”

I freeze in terror as they hover above me, the realization is too much as the moon is finally shown

The faces of my chasers are familiar…they are all my own!

This whole time I have been trying to escape, trying to fight a villain that turned out to look like me

The stark reality hits me hard…that I am my own enemy.