Wanting to Taste Her

Nothing to me is better than the taste of a woman. Her body. Her skin. Her juices. I mean for me the taste is beyond anything that I can describe. It’s an orgasmic sensation absent an actual orgasm.
So, I am in this group for polyamorous people and every Sunday posts of a more risqué nature are allowed. Now, there are plenty of beautiful women in this group, however, one in particular always gets my palate craving a small taste of her.
The picture she posted was simple. Only her laying back on a bed with her legs open wearing a small shirt and workout shorts. The fabric seemed to hug her vagina area to the point that I could see the crease of her folds slightly.

Mouth watered instantly. It was so sensual and seductive in it’s simplicity that I was really awed. But, this is a group where landmines a laying about ready for the someone unaware (or maybe should be aware in some cases) to step on. Plus, she has someone and I am still not as yet fully familiar with the terms of the poly way of life. So I opt to go with a simple meme.

In my head though. Is a series of thoughts about connecting tongue to the area between those folds and tasting the juices that would flow henceforth. A variety of licks in formations and patterns and speeds to capture the perfect sensation to generate the most enjoyment. Even with that though, I admit to being slightly intimidated. My recently exed girlfriend of 3 years was vanilla as hell and we didn’t try much. So, I guess i’m an almost, semi-born again virgin. I’m joking.

But I do love to eat pussy though. And now i’m pussyless! Ha. That’s another story.

I could be much more detailed but i’m sure by now my meaning is clear. Like as not it will never happen and that is ok. That’s fine, I mean, I don’t even live in her state, although I had planned a trip to the area a few times but have never taken it.
But, guess i’ll keep on thinking and mouth watering.



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