The Jesus Idea

JesusThumbsUp You hear it time and time again. “For god so loved the world he gave his only son.” Especially nearing the end of the year when things get more Christianfied…oh and Easter when they mix in the Christianity with rabbits and colored chicken eggs. Unless there are mutant rabbits that lay pastel eggs…hmm…

Anyway, so you hear this all the time, you see it on billboards and on church signs. The thing of it is, and why it just isn’t pointed out, is it’s stupid. Here’s where I’m going with this. You have a god, a being of such infinitesimal power that he said…”Shit, let me create immortal beings to be my lackeys.” And, presto…made angels. One of which had an attitude problem, but that is neither here nor there. That wasn’t enough. So, he created an entire planet, in a universe. He made an Earth, he made light, he made days…then he made the sun…hold up. Nevermind. He created oceans, land, animals, plants, insects and one dude. Just one. Gave him reproductive organs and nipples and everything.

Later, he would decide that the dude needed a woman. Unlike with him, in which he made this chap out of sand, he yanked out a rib…made a woman. I know what you’re thinking. That’s awesome, right? No anesthesia or nothing just…rib…woman. That simple.

These 2 humans would go on to populate the earth through an exhaustive era of inbreeding and incest. This happens again after the Flood with Noah’s family. I’m not trying to analyze all that now, but I will later. The point I’m making is that god on a whim created what he wanted, when he wanted. Angels and all. So, why then, is it a big deal that he produced this one guy with someone else’s woman who later would be voluntarily executed?


Do you see what I mean here? You have the power to create life at a moment of fancy, every being you produce is either important to you or not. If they are, then no one being is more important than the other, if not, then no one being is as important as the other. Jesus is just another of god’s spawn, created in a different way, but still created by god.  Even if you allow that he is the only being god made with a human (didn’t he get seriously pissed at his angels for doing this before? Remember the giants?), it still does not mean that he cannot do it again. God is not impotent and even if he were, he is a god and fully capable of healing himself. He could produce more if he chose to, though why he didn’t we don’t know. I guess he felt that one torturous death at the hands of a pissed off mob of humans, which are the very people the death is meant to save was enough.

But here’s what really grinds my gears: Jesus’ “sacrafice”…not….is pointless. Look. As the creator of your own world YOU make the rules. When the designers of games such as GTA make their open worlds, they are the architects of those worlds. You can get away with being people to death because in that world, they decided it was okay and we are thankful for it.  If they decide something isn’t working they have plenty of chances to change it. Applications receive updates all the times to fix glitches and errors or just to update appearance.

As a god, you have the power to make the rules you feel serve the world you created in the best way you see fit. Now, maybe creating a being, who may or may not be you, purely for the purpose of living just over 30+ years and being executed is necessary, but are we really supposed to revere this? One, he could have changed any aspect of human development at any moment. He did so when he nuked Sodom and Gomorrah and then the Flood, so why now is it even necessary to have a death at the hands of your own creations and now this washes away whatever errors they have committed. Did this stop people from sinning? No. They kept on doing it. Two, HE DIDN’T STAY DEAD.  Wolverine taking a bullet for you doesn’t mean a damn thing, because the sumbitch heals immediately.  Same thing here, coming back meant there was no sacrifice, dare I say, he upgraded.

Life continued to be a human experiment of power, greed, corruption, and what happens when some people get too much of all those. Wars, witch hunts, you name it, it has happened. Jesus’ “sacrifice” or lack thereof would have made more sense of it changed or ended these human impulses. Someone is going to point out freewill. I’d like to nip that by saying you don’t have free will when another man is using his free will to kill you and/or your people.

The idea of Jesus is a testiment to how easy it is to get people to follow an idea just because someone said it thousands of years ago. Someone believed it eons ago, wrote it in a book, said you should believe it, someone said you should believe this and years and years later, you have a belief so firmly rooted that it’s not so much as questioned. It’s even scorned upon to question it. To think about it with a furrowed brow as to how this makes any sense is a wrong. Luckily, I am too inquisitive to worry about the consequences of inquiring. Maybe, i’m hard headed. *Shrugs*


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