Bible Musings Part 1

Bible Musings Part 1

         So, I recently had the opportunity to speak with a friend concerning The Flood. You know that famous episode of genocide that is said to have been warranted because humans were just that bad. My friend, who is a Christian, insisted that this was necessary. The Earth had reached a point where God could not take it anymore. There was too much violence and other general human mischief afoot and God, pretty much said, “Enough of this shit.”

Now, the caveat I had an issue with, aside from the whole damn idea to begin with, is that no one seems to find it wrong that…innocents died as well. They casually assume the idea that only the baddies perished, whilst Noah and fam (whom he’ll later incest the shit out of, because…let’s be real…one family isn’t enough to jumpstart the world population again) sat comfortably on a boat which may have had trans-dimensional storage to house the millions of animals, food, dung, and humans aboard and watched people drown.  They don’t think for one moment…that there had to be some children, infants even, that died as well.

It took Noah a century to build the ark, alone…because during that time period, no one else was born that could have helped him with that. During that entire century, human beings continued their shenanigans and such, which had to have included sex and evidentially reproduction. The bible makes no mention of God ceasing all human reproduction during this time and no one seemed to notice that a giant boat was being built somewhere nearby, nor thought it odd that random pairs of animals were making a pilgrimage to said boat to be housed on board. I guess that it was not a big deal or something, yet at the time that the rains started to fall and kept falling, there had to have been innocent children on this earth. As I said, the bible doesn’t say that God ended human reproduction 50 years before this so that only evil adults died in this cataclysm.

So, we have to assume that floating amid a sea of debris, among the dead bodies of rapists, robbers, liars, card cheaters, and murders, are the carcasses of dead infants, toddlers, and adolescents. I guess that they couldn’t be saved. I mean, you can’t fit 6 humans and millions of animals into a boat if you have a slew of brats taking up the space, can you. 

I guess though, because it isn’t mentioned, it is never even considered. Now, after the Flood…here’s another thing…would you really feel thankful to be alive upon a waterlogged land surrounded by the bloated, decaying bodies of all those humans, animals, and marine life that died? Imagine the smell. There are no maggots or vultures to help with the decomposition of these bodies, there’s only the sun and the bacteria that is doing its best all by its lonesome to process these corpses. Still, that’s a lot of bodies, with a lot of skeletons, that disappeared magically because we have never found bodies all over the world in places they shouldn’t be, do to drifting from all about the Earth and coming to rest wherever when the water…went…somewhere.

Ok…well…after this discussion, I said that I think it was just a myth. There was a major flood in the area and true to form, people added their religious superstitions into it, embellished, and time did the rest. Not to mention religious leaders who say a message to be made. He disagreed with me. Saying that it was true and God said that would never happen again. How does he know? The rainbow…the perfect way to apologize for mass genocide of the creations he created. If that shit is true…which…come oonnnn!


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