Allegory of the Enemy

Thought i’d switch gears again and give up something a little different. Enjoy

The shadow figures stare at me from across a darkened space

They’re heads covered, everything is concealed, even their face.

Fear takes me; I turn and start to walk quickly in the direction opposite them

I hear their footfalls start and quicken and it doesn’t help that the moonlight is dim

The darkened path I’m walking leads off into an even more hidden area before me

Nevertheless, my pursuers begin to give chase, I have to run! I have to escape even if I can’t see.

I run fast, pounding my legs hard as I can, moving through an uncertain path

They’re behind me, they’re taunting me…I hear them begin to laugh

The mock my fear and each has something to say, something spoken personal about myself

The first voice I hear says, “You have life, but are not living, when are you gonna accomplish anything yourself?”

The disbelief hits me and the thoughts permeate, making giving me a pang of shame

Awashed in a grim realization that there is a legacy to create, to do less would leave me the only person to blame

Another voice speaks, raspy as the first, but with more sinister intent

“You are too kind to them, ur poems merely theater, these ladies care nothing of your lament.”

Is that true? Calls not returned, days in silence, where once there were hours of convo

Poems meant as explanation of internal desires, eventually fade from relevance and a return to limbo

As this strikes my mind, I stumble, and almost fall, they grab my shirt and I break loose.

One more voice speaks to me, soothingly, “Your life is not your own, you’re afraid to choose.”

I trip again and fall; the last thought is the fear of left when right brings an equal question

Of why I did not right when it may have been easier to go in the opposite direction

I lay back, they draw near, I fight to stand…to run…to get away again

I’m knocked down, I fight more, but to no avail and the shadowy figures win

Another voice speaks over the confusion, the voice is deeper and slow

“You cheapen yourself by not standing stronger. You are the one who needs to grow.”

I freeze in terror as they hover above me, the realization is too much as the moon is finally shown

The faces of my chasers are familiar…they are all my own!

This whole time I have been trying to escape, trying to fight a villain that turned out to look like me

The stark reality hits me hard…that I am my own enemy.


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