Message To The Masses

<Thought I’d switch gears this time and write something based on some observations I made.>

Gathered amongst themselves,

Shielded in their shells

Leading them to learning wells

Nevertheless, their resistance only swells

Increased by their bias

Reason, they won’t even try it

Content in their intellectual diet

A different way of thinking, they won’t even try it

Free thought is an illusion

Or so I’ve come to my jaded conclusion

Because I see their words and delusion

Their complaints with no solution

Lost in the miasma, a change we need

We have to breakaway, be mentally freed

Baggage of the past we don’t need

Let go of bs, in order to succeed

Racism is a control

A waste of thought, no aim, no goal

A way to separate you from the fold

Fracture the people, clinging to the old

The ways we had when we lost

The nation, broken, what a terrible cost

The status quo the boss

Arisen now, the anchors we can toss

Feed from the positive, change the perspective

Move beyond the bandwagons, and standard directive

Cut the mess, but be less intellectually selective

Open minds, open doors, seeking a new objective

Go beyond agreeing

See what they aren’t seeing

Your mind you should be freeing

Against the grain, but conformity you’ll be fleeing

They say don’t believe everything you hear

That doesn’t count for them, for they’re sincere

Got the info from someone dear

But just as lost as they appear

Use your mind, it is the best weapon

Move outside the crowd, beyond their detection

Earn your knowledge, be the exception

And avoid the agreers and the ego based deception